Present NASCAR Race fans with detailed technical information about the Car Of Tomorrow Concept Vehicle in a compelling and engaging manner. Under strict budgitary constraints, the project advanced from concept to completion in 3 short weeks.
A full size "race ready" vehicle sits center stage while 3 verticaly mounted touch screens invite passers by to explore the Car of Tomorrow. As users interact with the animated presentation, the display vehicle comes alive. Articulating panels open to reveal the inner workings of the cut-away car while hidden lighting highlights points of interest.

EdgeCentric provided custom electronics for the control of actuators and lighting as controlled by three industrial grade pc's running custom programmed flash animated content. EdgeCentric's designers combined 3d fly-by video with original photography to provide an up close look into the inner workings of the Car of Tomorrow.

Bill Rhyne Racing of North Carolina fabricated the display. Close colabortation between the EdgeCentric production team and Bill Rhyne Racing ensured that the fabrication and media design process could happen simultaniously and with seamless integration, even though more than 3000 miles separated the two firms.